The Professional Excellence Award seeks to encourage University of Tasmania (UTAS) paramedic students in their search for excellence in the paramedic profession and recognise their efforts during the UTAS Bachelor of Paramedic Practice degree.

A one-year full subscription to Paramedics Australasia will be awarded to a final year UTAS paramedic student who demonstrates during the course that they are professional in their approach to their future role as a paramedic and who strives to be the best that they can be.

The Selection Committee in making its nomination will also consider:

  • A person who projects a professional image of a paramedic to the public at all times
  • A person who implements his or her skills without dissent while achieving a high standard of patient care
  • A person who is interested in improvement for self, and to the service as a whole
  • A person who embraces and puts into practice the principles contained in the Paramedics Australasia Code of Conduct
  • A person who could be described as a ‘quiet achiever’
  • A person who has achieved most within their capabilities and a leader
  • A person who makes a significant contribution to the profession in line with Paramedics Australasia’s values of integrity, respect, accountability, commitment, ethics and unity.

The selection of the Award will be made in a collaborative manner between the UTAS paramedic teaching staff and the Paramedics Australasia Tasmanian Chapter Committee. The Award is determined by Paramedics Australasia and is presented at the UTAS seminar (the final year systematic review presentations by the students).