Two new PA Special Interest Groups that need members

Being a part of a SIG or committee is the most powerful way you can make a difference to paramedicine and your particular interest and passion. Involvement is an extension of your commitment to your profession and provides invaluable personal career development through gaining skills and experience in working in committee structures, developing policies and submissions, sharing knowledge with committed and like-minded leaders in paramedicine.

Mental Health and Wellbeing for Paramedics SIG

Mental health and wellbeing of paramedics is at the forefront of PA’s priorities and our mission is to provide evidence, support and programs around these issues to reduce the alarming suicide rate of Australasian paramedics.

We are in the process of establishing a special interest group (SIG) of members with related expertise and/or interest in this topic to provide advice and direction to the PA Board on how we can make a positive impact and ensure that paramedics are no longer the most likely health profession to suicide. The committee will primarily meet by teleconference and will help inform the content of the 2017 Mental Health and Wellbeing Symposium to be held in Melbourne and a holistic program of initiatives.

If you are interested in being a committee member, or simply being involved in conversations around mental health and wellbeing for paramedics, please contact Carson White (Chapter Support Officer) for further information or to register your interest by 26 September 2016: This SIG will be supported and administered by PA.

Private, Rural and Remote SIG

Private, rural and remote paramedics have their own specific issues and work environment, and private paramedicine is a significantly growing workforce. We understand there are currently over 130 non-service/private paramedicine organisations across Australia including paramedics in a range of settings such as mining, defence, entertainment, industrial and academia. PA has a growing cohort of some 700 members who fit into these workplace categories and we recognise the similarities and differences experienced by these members in relation to service-based paramedics.

In establishing a SIG focused on private, rural and remote paramedicine we can address the issues, challenges and opportunities faced by this important group of members and ensure PA as an organisation represents and advocates for these distinct requirements. One key area we anticipate will require dedicated focus is national registration for private paramedics and related issues such as professional indemnity insurance, accreditation and mandatory CPD and associated audit regimen.

Similarly, rural and remote paramedics will be required to obtain mandatory CPD activities and PA is committed to providing access to accredited CPD opportunities through the e-Learning hub and other mechanisms to ensure that paramedics out of city locations are not disadvantaged.

If you a private, rural or remote paramedic interested in being involved, please contact Carson White (Chapter Support Officer) for further information or to register your interest by 26 September 2016: This SIG will be supported and administered by PA.