The Trauma on the Border conference concluded today with a focus on ballistics, substance use, and some fascinating case studies surrounding paediatric injury.

Day 2 (Saturday 2 April 2011) was focused on wounding and ballistics with excellent presentations from John Crozier spread across two sessions. Holding the audience transfixed he led a detailed tour through ballistics, wounding, and the impact of projectile based trauma.

Case scenarios focused on paediatric injury and high risk traumatic airway injury were stimulating and resulted in a large number of questions, discussion, and debate from the delegates. Alan Eade (Vice-President) closed out the meeting with a presentation on substance use, its impact on trauma, and the prediction on what agents may be coming in the near future.

Carpet Hughes (Chair, ACAP NSW) closed the meeting by thanking the organisers and sponsors (particularly the Gold Sponsor, Henderson Matusch). It is hoped that a similar event may become a regular feature of the CPE program.