Donations can be made to the Mick Wilson Family Appeal at any Commonwealth Bank, or via direct transfer to: BSB: 062-­‐177 Account: 1024 7793.

Channel 7 has also developed a free community service announcement, which can be viewed here.

David Tassicker (Chair, PA-ACT) attended the funeral service and has provided the following words.

On Tuesday a beautiful Ceremony celebrated the life of Intensive Care SCAT Paramedic Michael Wilson.

Mick died on Christmas Eve. He sustained fatal injuries during a helicopter winch rescue of an injured canyoner at Carrington Falls near the Kangaroo Valley. He was 41.

Mick is survived by his wife, Kellie, their children Eliza, Grace and Hugo and their extended family.

Moving tributes were recounted by Kellie, brother Hadyn, friends and colleagues Sean, David and Garth. It is clear that Mick was a larrikin, a wonderful Husband and Father, a good mate to all and a highly respected professional colleague.

He was also apparently a very slow driver!

Hadyn commented that while a canyoner had been injured, and needed help, Mick would have admired and appreciated that person was living life to the full in the wild Australian bush.

Garth commented that Mick and he graduated from the ICP course together. Garth was waiting with baited breath for his Intensive Care photographic ID. Mick got to it first. With a black texta, regaling the photo with an impressive moustache. Garth left the artwork as a reminder never to take himself too seriously.

And Kellie, Eliza, Grace and Hugo. What an amazing, composed and loving family. Kellie recounted that even after Mick had sustained his injuries, which ultimately proved fatal, he continued to care for his patient while he himself was dying. A professional Paramedic.

It was also Kellie’s wish that the investigation into the events receive full public disclosure, so that any lessons to be learnt may benefit others.

Paramedic care is no ordinary work. We are constantly putting our bodies and emotions to the limit – whether through complex rescues, helping others when their world has fallen apart, dealing with shift work, broken sleep, long hours, dodgy food and daily frustrations of ‘the job’.

And our families and friends at home help us survive this. We bring home the highs and lows, the elation, the frustration, the after night shift headaches and nausea and often the self doubt – did I do well enough today?

Kellie, Eliza, Grace and Hugo have lost their husband and father. An appeal has been established to help support the family. I encourage all Paramedics Australasia members to make a donation to the appeal.

Donations can be made at any Commonwealth Bank, or by direct transfer to: Commonwealth Bank Account: Mick Wilson Family Appeal BSB: 062-­‐177 Account: 1024 7793