Tasmania Chapter New Committee announced

The Tasmania Chapter held their Annual Committee Meeting on Monday 19 November. The new Committee is as follows:

  • Chair – Ryan Posselt (commencing second term)
  • Vice Chair – Rebecca Lunnon (commencing first term)
  • Treasurer – Julie Couper (commencing third term)
  • Secretary – Rose Cook (continuing first term)
  • SPA Liaison – Laura Woods (commencing second term)
  • North-West CPD Coordinator – Frances Stringer (continuing second term)
  • North CPD Coordinator – Rhiannon Menegon (commencing first term)
  • PAIC 2019 Local Conference Convenor – Bess Swinton (commencing second term).

Regional Representatives and General Committee members include: Simone Haigh, Gill Reid, Piaf Redmond, Ross Brodie, Jack Inglis, Helen Eyles, Ryan Davis and a SPA representative.