Targeted Consultation on New Zealand Paramedic Registration

Health Workforce New Zealand’s Consultation Document on Paramedic Registration has just been released for targeted stakeholder feedback. Individual feedback will not be sought in this process, so it is up to each of the targeted stakeholders to provide representative feedback.

As a targeted stakeholder, Paramedics Australasia (New Zealand) sees itself as one of the few stakeholders to purely represent the professionals that registration will directly affect. The Paramedics Australasia New Zealand Registration Working Group will determine how to best represent New Zealand members and paramedics as a whole.

In late May–early June, the Working Group intends to distribute an online survey based on the issues raised in the consultation document in order to gain the most representative view possible. This will provide the basis of our feedback to Health Workforce New Zealand. The full documents can be accessed at the links below.

New Zealand Consultation document – regulating paramedics under the HPCA Act

Health Workforce New Zealand – Stakeholder Consultation 16 May to 30 June 2017

The role of Paramedics Australasia in representing professional paramedicine should not be underestimated. The Ministry of Health, the National Ambulance Sector Office, Health Workforce New Zealand and Ambulance New Zealand hold PA’s views and feedback in very high regard.