There has been strong support for Paramedics Australasia’s case for national registration across states and territories including recent support expressed:

1. Simon Corbell, ACT’s Minister for Health and Attorney-General, commented on the comprehensive case Paramedics Australasia has put forward, highlighting the rationale for paramedics to be nationally registered. The Minister states the ACT will continue to progress the regulation of paramedics with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

2. Dr Kim Haymes, WA’s Minister for Health and Deputy Premier of WA has written to PA confirming strong support for paramedics becoming a registered health profession under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS) National Scheme. The initiative to include paramedics in the NRAS was first raised with Health Ministers by Western Australia. Minister Haymes acknowledges that information provided by PA has informed the regulatory impact statement that continues to be developed by the WA Department of Health leading up to the early August meeting of Federal, State and Territory Health Ministers at the COAG Health Council. In addition, Professor Bryant Stokes, A/Director General for WA Department of Health has written to PA expressing appreciation for our commitment to keep him abreast of matters relating to Australian paramedics and advising he values PA’s strong viewpoint with regards to the national registration of paramedics.

3. Colin Allen, PA QLD Chapter Chair and Ian Patrick, PA spokesperson for registration met with Minister Dick, QLD Health Minister last week to discuss paramedic registration. The Minister was supportive of the case for paramedic registration and is hopeful that it will be supported by the other state and territory Health Ministers when it is considered at the next meeting of AHMAC Health Council in early August. He reiterated that it would be a positive step in protecting the public and supporting the paramedicine profession.