The Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research in Australia was established by the Australian Government in late 2011. The Review is to report by the end of 2012 and recommend a 10-year strategic health and medical research plan for the nation. The Panel is chaired by 2011 Australian of the Year, Mr Simon McKeon AO.

The Panel called for written submissions on 4 February 2012 and commenced a series of public meetings in mid-April. These meetings have now been held in every capital city involving key stakeholders in health and medical research, while private stakeholder consultations have also involved 71 meetings, covering some 172 different stakeholder groups, and more than 200 individuals. The Panel has now received 345 submissions (now closed).

Paramedics Australasia was represented at the Melbourne public consultation by Victorian Chapter Secretary Peter Hartley. Among the key matters addressed were:

1. Why is it in Australia’s interest to have a viable, internationally competitive health and medical research sector?
2. How might health and medical research be best managed and funded in Australia?
3. What are the health and medical research strategic directions and priorities and how might we meet them?
4. How can we optimise translation of health and medical research into better health and wellbeing?

Paramedics Australasia continues to work with key policy bodies in developing best practice approaches in paramedical services and in ensuring information dissemination and translation of research into practical applications in the field. Among the issues of importance to paramedic researchers that will help inform the profession into the future are the availability of improved funding sources, optimisation of research capabilities, the available funding and support mechanisms including bridging and gap funding, and the potential benefits of multiple funding rounds in each year.

The terms of reference for the review are provided on .

It is expected that an exposure draft of the Review report will be released for public comment in September and Paramedics Australasia will monitor the likely impacts of the report recommendations on paramedic practice.