The Sir Basil Osborne Award was established in the late 1970s by the Institute of Ambulance Officers and named after Sir Basil Osborne – one of the Institute’s founders – in recognition of his active promotion of ambulance professionals at a time when they were little more than first-aiders. It is through the foresight of people such as Sir Basil that our profession has developed to the stage that it currently is.

This Award seeks to encourage paramedic graduates in their search for excellence in the tradition espoused by Sir Basil, and will be awarded to an Ambulance Tasmania paramedic graduate who completes their intern training within a financial year.

Selection of the Award will be made in a collaborative manner between Ambulance Tasmania EDPU and the Paramedics Australasia Tasmanian Chapter Committee, and determined by the Tasmanian Chapter Committee. The Selection Committee in making its nomination will consider:

  • A person who implements his or her skills without dissent while achieving a high standard of patient care
  • A person who is interested in improvement for self, and to the service as a whole
  • A person who embraces and puts into practice the principles contained in the Paramedics Australasia Code of Conduct
  • A person who projects a professional image of a paramedic to the public at all times
  • A person who could be described as a ‘quiet achiever’
  • A person who has achieved most within their capabilities and a leader
  • A person who makes a significant contribution to the profession in line with Paramedics Australasia’s values of integrity, respect, accountability, commitment, ethics and unity.

The successful recipient may not necessarily be the most academic graduate in the program, but could be the most improved graduate who demonstrates during the course that they are professional in their approach to their role as an paramedic practitioner and strives at all times to be the best that they can be.

The Award will be presented at the annual graduation ceremony for paramedic graduates.

Past recipients

2016: Melinda Savage
2015: Ross Brodie
2014: Nick Davy
2013: Sheree Templar and Tess Campin
2012: Lee Champion
2011: Jen Levett
2010: Kristyn Rowlands
2009: Danielle Berry

About Sir Basil Osborne

To many people Sir Basil Osborne was a quiet, mild mannered, community-minded man. He was employed for many years by the Charles Davis Department store in Hobart and was actively involved in the civic life of Hobart. He was an Alderman on the Hobart City Council and for many years, Lord Mayor.

Sir Basil was nominated as a local government representative on the State Ambulance Commission, eventually becoming Chairman. He was highly regarded by both the Commission members and operational staff. A quick review of the Hobart Mercury will reveal Sir Basil was often quoted on some of the more contentious ambulance-related issues, often arguing the point for more funding. Such was the respect that Sir Basil was held in by government authorities, he was seconded by the Victorian Government to review the Victorian Civil Ambulance Service. As a result of his recommendations, the Melbourne Ambulance Service underwent significant change.

While never an ambulance practitioner, Sir Basil identified a need to encourage greater professionalism and training among ambulance professionals and was a leader in encouraging the creation of the Institute for Ambulance Officers; his name appears on the list of inaugural founders.