A research project looking a Resuscitation Education is currently being undertaken through Edith Cowan University in WA.  The aim is to gather information on the transferability of BLS/ILS/ALS education to the clinical environment.

This anonymous survey is for first responders, nurses, paramedics, medical practitioners, educators and allied health professionals who have completed a Basic Life Support (BLS), Immediate Life Support (ILS) or Advanced Life Support (ALS) course. We seek their opinions on the resuscitation training they have undertaken and its applicability to clinical practice areas.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes and is being collected online via SurveyMonkey. All individual responses will remain anonymous and only aggregated information will be reported.

All responses provided will add to the body of knowledge about resuscitation education and assist with future planning of training. The results of the project may be published by the researchers in appropriate peer-reviewed journals, and should individual respondents wish a copy of the findings you are welcome to contact the researchers in September of this year.

To access the survey use this link: .

All enquiries can be directed to David Reid at ECU: david.reid@ecu.edu.au or 08 6304 3518.