UWS_BurnoutResearchThe University of Western Sydney is conducting new research looking at burnout in Australian Paramedics.

This study aims to determine prevalence of burnout among Australian paramedics. Burnout, the physical and psychological fatigue associated with work, is linked to workforce departure, exhaustion, poor patient care and decreased employee well being; internationally paramedics have been shown to have the highest rate of burnout of any health profession. No Australian studies have been undertaken on paramedic burnout and workforce data is also limited compared to other health fields.

If you work for a state emergency ambulance service or the ADF you can help contribute to this research by completing a short (up to 15 minutes) online survey at: http://surveymonkey.com/s/paramedicburnout

For more information contact Dr Liz Thyer at e.thyer@uws.edu.au.