At its recent Standing Council on Health face to face meeting, Australian Health Ministers considered the Decision Regulatory Impact Assessment: Options for regulation of unregistered health practitioners.

Ministers have agreed in principle to strengthen state and territory health complaints mechanisms via:

  • a single national Code of Conduct for unregistered health practitioners to be made by regulation in each state and territory, and statutory powers to enforce the Code by investigating breaches and issuing prohibition orders;
  • a nationally accessible web based register of prohibition orders; and
  • mutual recognition of state and territory issued prohibition orders.

To give effect to these decisions, Ministers have asked the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council (AHMAC) to undertake a public consultation on the terms of the first national Code of Conduct and proposed policy parameters to underpin nationally consistent implementation of the Code. Paramedics Australasia will monitor these developments and make appropriate submissions as the need arises.

Since it deals with all unregistered health practitioners, the report doesn’t address the specifics of risks associated with paramedic practice which are being covered by a separate impact study. See here

The paramedic registration impact study is still being considered by the various committees that form the regulatory governance framework and no outcomes are likely for some time. Nonetheless the current decisions will include paramedics and related personnel in the absence of any separate registration scheme.

More information on the proposed Code of Conduct  decision, and access to the final report is available at AHMAC.