Public consultation process announced

Independent Review of Accreditation Systems within the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS) or Health Professions Accreditation Systems Review Draft Report

Commissioned by the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council for the COAG Health Council, a draft Accreditation Systems Review report has been released this week. This public release provides an opportunity for consultation and submissions on the draft recommendations by close date of 29 September 2018.

The Review of Accreditation Systems will provide advice to AHMAC on the governance, structure, cost, and reporting arrangements to improve the efficiency, transparency and cost effectiveness of the health professions accreditation system, to support a sustainable health workforce that is flexible and responsive to the changing health needs of the Australian community.

To assist stakeholders in responding to the issues raised in the draft report, a submissions template has been developed which groups the recommendations according to the following themes:

  • Funding the accreditation system
  • Improving efficiency
  • Relevance and responsiveness
  • Reforming governance – the importance of consumers
  • Reforming governance – the overarching model
  • Reforming governance – the inclusion of non-registered professions
  • Assessment of overseas trained practitioners
  • Other governance matters, including grievances and appeals
  • Setting national reform priorities.

As paramedicine is soon to become the 14th nationally registered health profession in Australia, the outcomes of this review and the future structure of the health professions accreditation system is highly significant to PA as the peak body and PA will be reviewing the recommendations and preparing a submission on behalf of member paramedics. PA acknowledges that the accreditation of health programs of study and the registration of individual health practitioners are separate, but intrinsically related functions that operate together within the National Scheme. While registration will give individual paramedic practitioners the legal right to practice, the accreditation function provides the threshold assessment and evaluation of education and training courses to ensure that a graduate has the knowledge, clinical skills and professional attributes necessary to practise the profession.

PA’s full submission will be posted on our website.

Peter Jurkovsky
Chair, Australian National Registration Working Group