Proposed PA and ANZCP merger – have your say

Paramedics Australasia and the Australian & New Zealand College of Paramedicine have held discussions over the past few months on a proposal to bring the two representative organisations together to form a single professional association for all paramedics throughout Australia and New Zealand.

It is proposed that PA and ANZCP merge through the establishment of a new entity, provisionally called the Australasian College of Paramedicine (ACP).

This proposal can only progress with the support of members. Before finalising any formal proposal and asking members to vote on whether to join together to form one strong entity, we would like to hear your questions, comments and feedback on the proposal. Please let us know if you have any concerns so that we can address them and share your thoughts on how a new combined entity could best advance paramedicine and support you in your future practice.

An email regarding the proposal was sent to both PA and ANZCP members this morning and a dedicated phone number and email address has been established for members to ask questions, share ideas or provide feedback. Call 1300 314 597 or email