participants required to take part in new research

Are you a paramedic currently working for an ambulance service in Australia and would like to take part in research that will contribute to positive change?

Edith Cowan University is currently looking for participants to take part in research into the mental health and physical health and quality of life in Australian paramedics. Previous research suggests paramedics may be more susceptible than the general population to anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. To date the contributing factors to these conditions within paramedics and paramedicine have not been thoroughly investigated. Once we better understand these factors we will be able to develop strategies to mitigate or even eliminate them.

This is an anonymous study investigating the factors associated with anxiety, depression and PTSD in Australian paramedics. Your contribution to this research will be completely confidential and very much appreciated.

For further information please contact Tim Rankin at or phone 08 6304 3453.