Paramedics Australasia strongly supports the introduction of enhanced measures to evaluate patient outcomes in the delivery of emergency and urgent care.

Paramedics Australasia is the peak professional body representing paramedics and out-of-hospital health professionals across New Zealand and Australia. It is dedicated to the development and promulgation of policies and service standards that will enhance the quality of patient care.

Mr Gary Strong, Director for Paramedics Australasia (New Zealand) was commenting on a recent NZ Herald article, where the St John Ambulance CEO Peter Bradley described forthcoming changes in St John Ambulance designed to improve patient care.

Mr Strong said that the profession welcomes accountability and transparency in the drive for better performance with a stronger focus on patient outcomes.

“Paramedics provide the first line of intervention in the continuum of healthcare. Their work cannot be evaluated only by response times. The professional qualifications held by paramedics means that they can use their skills and advanced procedures to determine patient outcomes and survival rates and these should be measured and recorded” he said.

Paramedics Australasia in their report from 2010 : The Forgotten Health Profession proposed the introduction of a national scheme of mandatory performance reporting extending beyond response times and including a number of other healthcare performance indicators.

“As health care professionals, paramedics are committed to enhancing patient care and clinical practice. The ability to measure the survival rates of patients treated by paramedics will help develop meaningful evidence-based policy and practice to the benefit of the community.” Mr. Strong said.

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