Paramedic representatives joined their colleagues from Australia’s Emergency Services and other leading organisations at a Reader’s Digest ceremony held in Sydney on Wednesday to mark Australia’s Most Trusted Brands and Professions.

Paramedics have won the top spot for the Most Trusted Profession in Australia for 10 years in a row. This year they shared the Most Trusted Profession Award with their Fire Fighter colleagues. Third spot was earned by Emergency Service Volunteers.

The Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands Awards recognise professions and brands based on an independent research company poll that surveys 1200 Australians.


1. Paramedics
1. Fire Fighters
3. Rescue / Emergency Service Volunteers
4. Nurses
5. Pilots

The results show the trust that Australians place in those professions that provide support to people in their most vulnerable hours.

Accepting the award on behalf of Australian paramedics were Alan Eade and Amy Craike from the professional society Paramedics Australasia ( Jim Smith, Deputy Commissioner, New South Wales Fire & Rescue Service accepted the award on behalf of Fire Fighters.

Mr Eade paid tribute to his colleagues saying, “I am humbled to accept this award again on behalf of paramedics who work not only in the vital emergency health sector but also in the private sector in a variety of roles. As the health demands across the country expand, we are privileged that we are able to help people and have earned their trust to such a degree.”

Amy Craike said, “We are proud to represent the thousands of men and women who are held in such high regard by the Australian public. It is a great honour for paramedics to be recognised for the professional role that they play in saving lives and assisting the sick and injured.”

“Australia has some of the most highly trained paramedics globally and their work with Ambulance Services across our nation provides world class emergency care to the community” she said.

Comments made by voters in the Reader’s Digest poll included:

  • “We trust them because they will always do all that they can do for you, no questions asked”
  • “They are frontline emergency personnel who are prepared for what could be the worst day of your life”
  • “They have a lot of pressure & stress in their job but they are fully committed”
  • “If you cannot trust them, what hope is there for humanity?”

What does this acknowledgement mean?

There are thousands of emergency personnel across the country who serve our communities selflessly every day. Reader’s Digest is to be commended for bringing such commitment to the attention of the public. Acknowledgement of their work in this manner will further inspire them to do their best to maintain that trust.

Paramedics & fire fighters have attained world class levels in Australia and through their highly educated, committed and professional responses in times of need will be there for you always.

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Paramedics Australasia is the peak professional body representing paramedics and out-of-hospital health professionals across Australia and New Zealand. It is dedicated to the development and promulgation of professional and service standards that will enhance the quality of patient care.

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