Paramedics Australasia ACT Chairman David Tassicker met with Dr Mike Kelly, Parliamentary Secretary of Defence on Thursday 12 April.

Discussions were wide-ranging concerning recent developments within the profession, including:

  • The underlying reasons for and progress of proposed Paramedic Registration under APHRA;
  • ADF Medic inclusion within the potential framework of any Paramedic Registration program.

The complementary benefits for ADF Medics and civilian paramedics were also discussed, in particular the following were raised:

  • The complementary benefits of enhanced access to CPD training and skills maintenance in the civilian sector, involvement of civilian Paramedics in support of ADF programs, enhanced recognition and portability of qualifications, and recruitment and retention outcomes.
  • Potential benefits to the civilian sector through formal recognition of and access to the expertise in the ADF Medic cohort, enhanced training and employment opportunities for civilians, opportunities for research, and facilitation of emergency and disaster response.

Dr Kelly indicated the favourable impressions he had gained of simulation based training and observed that the current Medic program was developing along the lines of the US Green Beret program based around a team based, holistic approach. Dr Kelly further undertook to raise the matter of potential Medic and Paramedic Registration with the Federal Minister for Health and Aging Tanya Plibersek, and Warren Snowdon, Minister for Defence, Science and Personnel.