Health Workforce Australia (HWA) is a Commonwealth statutory authority set up by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) and reports to the Australian Health Ministers’ Conference (AHMC). Its mandate is to to address the challenges of providing a skilled, flexible and innovative health workforce that meets the needs of the Australian community.

HWA will advise AHMC and the health and higher education sectors on health workforce planning, policy and program initiatives, reform, international recruitment and training.  One of the nominated key project areas is Workforce Innovation and Reform.

HWA will deliver a national framework for health workforce innovation and reform that will encourage the development of new models of health care delivery, facilitate interprofessional practice and equip health professionals and employers to successfully manage current and emerging demands on the health care sector.

HWA has developed a Draft Strategic Framework for Action (Framework) and a national program of consultation took place during April and May 2011. Paramedics Australasia members participated actively alongside other stakeholder groups in several workshop sessions held in both metropolitan and regional centres.

Details of the Draft Strategic Framework and the HWA consultation program are available here:

The Framework is intended to provide a structure for thinking, planning and action that will support a sustainable health workforce in response to changing population health needs, demographics and technologies.    Implementation of the Framework will require strong partnerships across sectors, jurisdictions and professional groups to look at the Australian health workforce through the prism of major innovation and reform.

Paramedics Australasia has prepared a written submission highlighting the importance of paramedic services and the need to incorporate this sector of health care within the national reform agenda. This submission is available here.

The information provided in this submission will be presented as part of a Report to the HWA Board and the Strategic Framework Expert Reference Group, but will not be published. The Report to the HWA Board will  be used to inform the final National Strategic Framework for Action as a blueprint for future development.