The Health Professionals Prescribing Pathway (HPPP) project being undertaken by Health Workforce Australia (HWA) aims to develop a nationally consistent approach to prescribing medicines that supports safe practice, quality use of medicines and effectiveness of healthcare services. More information is available on the project page of the HWA website HERE.

An important part of this activity was an earlier report prepared by the National Health Workforce Planning and Research Collaboration in 2010 on the international literature and evidence for non-medical prescribing and the implications for a nationally consistent approach in Australia. This Final Report on Non-Medical Prescribing provided a comprehensive analysis of international and national literature and formed a sound basis for further work on the HPPP project. That report is available on the Australia’s Health Workforce Online website and can be downloaded in pdf format.

HWA recently released a Paper on the HPPP as part of its on-going consultation process with stakeholders to assist in developing the prescribing pathway for future discussion and testing. HWA will collate and analyse the feedback to inform the development of a consistent platform by which health professionals, other than medical practitioners, may undertake prescribing of medicines consistent with their scope of professional practice. The consultation paper is available on the HWA website via THIS LINK.

Although the scope of the project currently excludes health professions which are not registered via NRAS, the HWA is aware of the current moves to have paramedics registered, the environment in which paramedics practice, and the prominent role that Paramedics Australasia has taken in terms of registration and health policy developments. It therefore invited Paramedics Australasia to prepare a submission to the project.

Paramedics Australasia has prepared a written submission highlighting the importance of paramedic services and the need for paramedics to hold prescribing privileges consistent with their role and scope of practice under any form of registration.  Paramedics Australasia expresses its appreciation to HWA for acknowledging the significance of paramedic practice in healthcare and providing the opportunity to contribute to the discussions as the peak professional body representing all paramedic practitioners across the region.