Paramedicine is represented among 24 other health disciplines in the development of a Future Health Leaders (FHL) group.  FHL is an initiative of Health Workforce Australia (HWA), which has been established to ensure ongoing engagement of emerging health professionals in the health reform process.

FHL will act independently of HWA to discuss key issues in health training and graduation of students, which will aim to develop solutions and create discussion on workforce training development.  FHL will report to the Board of HWA and act as a standing forum to inform HWA programs and initiatives.

The inaugural meeting of the group of the Interim Council of Future Health Leaders was held at the end of June.  There were 20 representatives from a range of health disciplines, which created a passionate and diverse discussion regarding the issues facing their professions and workplaces.

For further information visit the HWA website, and keep your eye on the Future Health Leaders pages on Facebook, currently in development.