A paramedic student has been awarded an undergraduate study grant through the Nursing and
Allied Health Services Support Scheme(NAHSSS). Kelsey Jaensch from South Australia was awarded
a $10,000 scholarship to study her second year of Bachelor of Health Science at Flinders University
in South Australia. Kelsey will receive a further $10,000 for her third year of study.

Paramedics Australasia President Ian Patrick said he was delighted to see the hard work of PA at a national
level had achieved greater recognition of the profession and expanded the opportunities available to
practitioners and students in a number of areas. One of the most recent of several gains had been the
inclusion of Paramedics in the list of allied health professions eligible to apply for the NAHSSS.

“It is wonderful that in the first year of being eligible, a paramedic student has been awarded a scholarship
and we congratulate Kelsey on her achievement” said Mr Patrick

Kelsey’s father David Jaensch (who is an Intensive Care Paramedic in South Australia) thanked PA for its
role as the key national professional association and its continued efforts and success in achieving recognition
for the profession. In a letter to PA advising of the award he wrote:

“We wish to express our sincere gratitude to the efforts of all those involved in getting paramedic students
recognised as approved recipients for this substantial scholarship.”

“As a family committed to and engaged in rural and remote communities we are extremely grateful for the
financial assistance this has afforded to Kelsey. Those of you who live away from a metropolitan centre will
understand the major commitment families and individuals need to make to gain a university education into
professions such as ours.”

The scholarships are designed to encourage rural and remote residents to study an allied health service
profession and are open for applications each year. Scholarships are administered through the Services for
Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH). For further information about these scholarships
see the SARRAH website.