Paramedic Research – Are You a Paramedic or Intensive Care Paramedic in New Zealand?

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What are the perspectives and experiences of paramedics who have accessed employer provided counselling?

Are you a paramedic or intensive care paramedic?

Have you accessed counselling through your EAP? We want you!… ….

The emotional toll of paramedic work not only has implications on the paramedic’s wellbeing but also their work performance. It is important to develop an understanding of paramedic experiences of counselling as it is one of the main forms of assistance offered to paramedics for coping with work stress and trauma.

An Invitation

Ari Peach and Amanda Lees are conducting research exploring paramedic perspectives and experience with the use of counselling to cope with the stressors and trauma work. We would like to invite you to participate in this research project that will involve a confidential one-hour, semi-structured interview with the researcher Ari Peach.

  • We are targeting paramedics based in the North Island of New Zealand
  • Participation in this research project is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time
  • As a participant your personal details will remain confidential through the entire research process
  • Get on board and help lead paramedic centric research in New Zealand, and share this invitation with your paramedic colleagues!

If you are interested in being involved in this study, please email

For this study current undergraduate AUT paramedicine students and ambulance managers who are shift supervisor or higher will not be recruited.

Further information:

Researcher Contact Details:

Ari Peach,

09 921 9999 ext 7849

Project Supervisor Contact Details:

Amanda B Lees,

09 921 9999 ext 76