As we work towards the registration of paramedics in Australia and New Zealand, there are a number of factors to consider and plan for. One of these is how Continuing Professional Development (CPD) might look, what requirements there will be and how to facilitate the process for paramedics who are registered.

On the 30th of November 2013, PA convened a forum of members and other key stakeholders in Sydney to discuss this range of significant issues relating to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and how they would apply if paramedics are included in a national registration (AU & NZ) scheme.

The aim of this forum was to:
1.  Provide a collaborative environment for the sharing of information, experiences and views on the introduction of CPD requirements as part of a regulatory scheme within Australia and New Zealand
2.  Facilitate stakeholder discussion regarding the background and requirements for CPD within a nationally registered environment to inform PA’s position on this prior to the introduction of Paramedic Registration
3.  Identify key issues from the discussion and outcomes to inform the redevelopment of the PA CPD program

The key objectives of the forum were to:
1.  Identify the need and basis for CPD in a nationally registered environment in both Australia and New Zealand
2.  Discuss and identify the optimal time period for the CPD cycle for paramedics
3.  Discuss and identify the optimal number of CPD hours per cycle
4.  Discuss and consider the inclusion of mandatory annual resuscitation reviews, as per current ARC/NZRC recommendations, in the CPD cycle
5.  Discuss and consider the incorporation of requirements to undertake assessment of high risk, low frequency skills within the CPD cycle

Following a very successful forum that included a significant amount of discussion and learning, a number of outcomes and perspectives were identified. These can be found in the PA Registration CPD Forum Report.

Thanks must go to the forum participants, sponsoring organisations and Dr Louise Morauta for their efforts in both setting up the forum and being involved in these collaborative discussions.