Reminder: PA Membership fees will be increasing, beginning 1st July 2012.

Fees are now $6 per week for full membership, and will continue to be fully tax deductible. This is the first increase in National fees for 12 years, and will enable PA to fully embrace new opportunities into the future.

The full message from President, Ian Patrick ASM below describes the reason for this increase and the important work currently being undertaken by Paramedics Australasia.

The challenges facing Paramedics Australasia (PA) have continued to grow as we speak out for Paramedics and your role in the healthcare system. Recent years have seen considerable investment of time and money in developing key initiatives, particularly in the areas of national practitioner registration, and in positioning paramedic practitioners as healthcare professionals.

The board has been resolute in steering PA through previously unchartered waters to create a professional body that will deliver not only locally based member services through its Chapter–based activities, but also provide recognition of the profession that will improve the value of your membership in both the short and long term. As an example, PA is now a full Council member of the National Rural Health Alliance – one of the most influential health lobby groups in Australia.

The organisational restructuring is almost complete; Chapters are operating effectively in servicing members’ needs; and we have launched our revamped and modernised branding with a new name, a new logo, updated web site and new membership certificates.

We have successfully articulated and promoted a national strategy for the future directions of the profession and forged a growing identity for paramedics as professionals within the healthcare system. Among our numerous recent achievements are:

  • Greatly enhanced engagement with Government and other stakeholders across the Healthcare sector – with particular recognition by Health Workforce Australia;
  • Expansion of Professional Development services for all members including the Continuing Professional Development Program (CPD);
  • Rapidly expanding eLearning modules for online professional development;
  • Winning of new opportunities for practitioner and student support and gaining of eligibility for the Nursing and Allied Health Rural Locum Scheme and the NAHSSS Scholarships;
  • Establishment of a new Chapter in New Zealand;
  • Ongoing support of Student Paramedics Australasia (SPA);
  • The inception of the Australasian College of Paramedicine and NAPA group;
  • Foundation membership of the International Paramedic Association.

Other membership benefits include access to discounted membership of the QANTAS Club and purchases from the Paramedic Shop.

Additional professional membership benefits include a range of communication, information and educational services such as:

  • Response magazine;
  • Rapid Response electronic newsletter;
  • The peer reviewed Journal of Emergency Primary Health Care;
  • Access to special interest programs and related conferences;
  • Chapter-facilitated Professional Development Programs and Events;
  • Social media interactive forums through Facebook and Twitter, and
  • The Paramedics Australasia website with up to date news items, special interest groups and Paramedic Jobs.

The provision of these significant membership benefits and our role in advancing your profession within the Health Sector must continue, but will require additional income as costs increase and Paramedics Australasia moves towards a professional management structure with full time employed staff.

The Board therefore has decided that, for the first time in 12 years, an increase in membership fees must occur so we can embrace the opportunities facing the profession in future years. Accordingly membership fees will increase to $6.00 a week from 1st July 2012. Remember, membership fees are tax deductible.

PA will be making the necessary arrangements to contact all payroll bodies to implement these arrangements for members who use payroll deduction to pay their membership fees. For those of you who pay your membership fees via credit card we will be issuing you with an invoice for the new amount.

If you have any queries about this or any other matters concerning your organisation please don’t hesitate to contact me via

It’s your profession and I look forward to your support to help keep your national professional body strong.

Ian Patrick ASM FPA


March 2012.

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