With new CEOs in place at both St John and Wellington Free Ambulance, a timely supportive visit from PA President Ian Patrick and Vice President Richard Larsen took place in March.  A face to face meeting with Diana Crossan, CEO of WFA, and a telephone meeting with Peter Bradley, CEO of St John, provided valuable opportunities for raising awareness of the role of PA and the nature of PA activities.  Both meetings were positive, opening the way for greater promotion of PANZ in both services.  Ian and Richard also met with David Waters, CEO of Ambulance New Zealand, for an update on progress towards registration.

The PANZ AGM was also held that week, meeting in the WFA training room at Porirua Ambulance Station.   The highlight of the meeting was undoubtedly the presentation to Rachael Wallen of the APEHRF (David Komesaroff) Best Paper Award which she won at the Hobart Conference, as well as best paper in the category Higher Degree for her paper on: “Women’s attitudes to 12 lead ECG acquisition in the ambulance setting.”  Well done Rachael a fantastic achievement!