Paramedics Australasia, the Australian Paramedics Association (NSW) and the National Council of Ambulance Unions have issued the following joint media statement in support of paramedic registration in Australia.

A PDF copy of the statement is available here.

Paramedics Support National Registration

Paramedics are soon to become a nationally registered profession through their inclusion in the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS).

Many members of the public would be surprised to learn that – despite performing highly invasive, complex and often life‐saving interventions in critical circumstances – paramedics are not yet a registered health profession in Australia like doctors, nurses, radiographers, optometrists and many
other clinicians.

The president of Paramedics Australasia, Dr Peter Hartley, said “National registration will ensure that only people who meet nationally approved and consistent education and practitioner standards will be able to call themselves a paramedic. This helps maintain public trust.”

Presently in most Australian States and Territories, anyone can call themselves a paramedic. The public have no way of knowing what level of training the person claiming to be a paramedic actually has. As part of national registration, a national register of paramedics will be established to allow States and Territories to access professional information in the event a paramedic applies to work interstate.

Greg Bruce, HSU Councillor and National Secretary of the National Council of Ambulance Unions (NCAU) said, “National registration will ensure the community will continue to receive the high standard of care they deserve as well as provide flexibly of employment for paramedics.”

The President of the Australian Paramedic Association NSW, Steve Pearce, said “A national register will assist workforce mobility between States and Territories, and provide confidence to the public about national paramedic standards.”

The landmark agreement was made on 6th of November at a Health Ministers’ COAG (Council of Australian Governments) meeting attended by all State and Territory health ministers.

The leading organisations which represent Australia’s 13,000 strong paramedic workforce have applauded the development. Paramedics Australasia (PA), the Australian Paramedic Association (APA), the Health Services Union (HSU) and the National Council of Ambulance Unions (NCAU) have been advocating for national registration of the profession over many years.
“We are embracing national registration to ensure we continue to meet Australian’s expectations, and maintain the public’s trust into the future” said Dr Hartley from Paramedics Australasia.

It is anticipated that national registration for Australian paramedics will become a reality in 2017.

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