The Paramedics Australasia executive met with the ACAP (NSW) board in Sydney on 30 August 2011. This meeting was requested by the PA Board to establish the current status of the ACAP (NSW) board in relation to the amalgamation with Paramedics Australasia.

The redesign of Paramedics Australasia has been completed in all jurisdictions with the exception of NSW. The ACAP NSW board has previously been progressing towards amalgamation and this meeting was to address a perceived hiatus in this process.

Both parties were clear that they were working in good faith towards an amalgamation of the two entities.

There will be further meetings between a smaller working group responsible to both boards over the coming months to ensure that the desired outcome (amalgamation) is achieved.

Due to the amalgamation not occurring prior to the 2011 Paramedics Australasia AGM there are some organisational issues to be worked on by Paramedics Australasia. These relate to membership and the operation of the grandfathering clause for members in NSW.

It is hoped that the amalgamation of the parties will occur in a timely manner.