PA and ANZCP proposed merger communiqué – joint statement

The future of paramedic representation in Australasia

You will have read the recent join communiqué from Peter Jurkovsky, President of Paramedics Australasia and Marty Nichols, Chair of Australian & New Zealand College of Paramedicine about the proposed merger of the two organisations into a new entity, the ‘Australasian College of Paramedicine’.

As the former heads of the respective bodies at the time of the last merger attempt, we have been involved and contributed to the numerous discussions that have preceded this announcement.

Our two organisations have been coming closer together over recent years, working together on some joint ventures and today, our vision and intent is clear and aligned. To continue in parallel and potentially waste opportunities through duplication and competition is not a sensible future for either entity. It is time to come together and work together as one organisation for the benefit of you the members and more broadly the profession.

This merger will benefit the members of our organisations by reunifying our collective voices, creating one strong entity that is well placed for advancing the future of our profession. The new entity will be stronger, bigger and better placed to carry our profession forward. This is particularly important now paramedics are registered in Australia, and are very close to registration in New Zealand.

By coming together as single strong professional association, the Australasian College of Paramedicine will be indisputable as the peak body for paramedicine in Australasia.

We ask you to join us in working together to advance this proposal to reunify.

Ian Patrick ASM FPA LMPA
Former President
Paramedics Australasia

Peter Lang FANZCP
Former Chair
Australian & New Zealand College of Paramedicine