Dear Paramedics Australasia,

I hold a paramedic diploma and I whole heartedly support paramedic registration. It must happen.

It was evident to me again following a recent two week mine site contract I was employed for, as I left I was replaced with a “Nurse” who, when challenged as to the legality of that claim, immediately changed her title to “Paramedic”!

Not surprisingly this was a little disconcerting to those who knew about it. Upon investigation the alleged “Paramedic” had completed a grand total of 20 days training in WA…oh and had worked as a volly for st johns, some years ago.

Her training consisted of: senior first aid – 2 days, occupational first aid – 4 days, industrial emergency responder- 10 days and industrial paramedic – 4 days. All off this sanctioned by the state contracted ambulance service in WA, also managed by St John, with the training delivered by St Johns. WA has been and is turning these people out to feed the mining market at high rates. They are then filtering through the system and popping up here and in other states.

Employers do not know the difference, its not their bread and butter, they rely on the title to inform.

Sadly the example I gave  is but one of others I can give you.

WA , where I spent 8 years in the remote mining sector, has been brainwashed by the use of these St Joh trained “paramedics”.

In fact as a glaring example I applied for a role as a “site Paramedic”. The application stated that must have “industrial Paramedic qualification”, so me being a Dip.Para.Sc. (3 years of study!) thought well that’s ok, I far exceed that so I will apply. I was called some time later to be informed I was unsuccessful. When  I asked why I was told I didn’t have the St John Industrial Paramedic qualification and I didn’t meet the standard.

As you could probably imagine I was a little surprised by this, and pointed out that I actually exceed by some distance the advertised requirements.

Did not matter, St John has such a hold they have set the scene in the west and many companies believe this is what they need.

Good luck PA , keep up the good work.