new zealand government announces ambulance funding

Sean Thomson, Chair of the PA New Zealand Chapter, has issued a media statement congratulating the New Zealand government on making a first step towards full funding of ambulance services with its announcement to fund St John an additional $59.2 million dollars to achieve double crewing by 2021.

In the media statement released yesterday, Sean said, “New Zealand’s two ambulance services have been underfunded by central government for many years. The baseline of government funding was around 80% several years ago. This has been eroded to 70% but the recent announcement brings funding back to around 73% of the full operating budget.

“We are still a long way from the first-world ambulance service New Zealanders deserve. Police are fully funded as an emergency service. GPs and emergency departments are fully funded as health services. Ambulance services operate as an emergency service and, more importantly, as a core health service yet they must operate as charities and rely on the donations of New Zealanders to stay afloat.”

You can read the full media statement here