November issue of the AJP out now!

The Australasian Journal of Paramedicine (AJP) is the official open access, peer-reviewed journal of Paramedics Australasia, the professional association for paramedics in Australasia.

Volume 15, No. 4, 2018 is now available for download as a single pdf or as individual articles via the AJP website.

What’s in the November issue?

Welcoming paramedics into the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme
Stephen Gough

Kounis syndrome: A case report and literature review of pre-hospital treatment
Matthew Luke Di Toro, Dion Stub

Operationalising the multidimensional role of the paramedic preceptor
Hamish Carver, Ann Lazarsfeld-Jensen

Enhancing the quality of CPR performed by laypeople
Kerstin Lerjestam, Anna Willman, Ingrid Andersson, Anna Abelsson

Working towards wellness: Lessons from 9/11 paramedics and emergency medical technicians for Australian ambulance services
Erin Claire Smith, Frederick M Burkle Jr

Learning approach and trait anxiety on paramedic and nursing students
Yasin Uzuntarla

Conference abstracts
Abstracts of the 2018 Paramedics Australasia International Conference