National Rural Health Alliance CouncilFest happening this week

Dr Peter O’Meara, Chair of PA’s Rural and Remote Special Interest Group will be attending the National Rural Health Alliance CouncilFest in Canberra this week. PA is one of the 36 member organisations of the Alliance that meet – along with elected political representatives – in Canberra each year to touch base on the state of rural and remote health in Australia, and to share success stories and discuss solutions to the issues affecting those living in regional, rural and remote areas.

As PA’s representative at CouncilFest, Peter will share some of PA’s focus on our rural and remote paramedics, and in particular how these paramedics are impacted by national registration. He will also discuss how we will be supporting our rural and remote paramedics to ensure they can access eLearning CPD activities in order to meet the requirements of the new national scheme.

Peter will also bring to the attention of politicians the real issues of isolation and mental health issues facing our rural and remote paramedics and outline the work of PA’s Rural and Remote Special Interest Group.

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You can follow what’s happening at CouncilFest at #CouncilFest2017