The WA Chapter has released a progress report on national paramedic registration that outlines the latest developments in the registration process.  The report is available HERE.

In conclusion the report states:

While the consultation phase has a long way to go, we do have some firm information from the consultation program to date and the national regulatory survey conducted by Paramedics Australasia.  Australia overwhelmingly wants paramedics to be a nationally registered health profession – Option 4.

The Paramedics Australasia survey received over 4000 responses with 86.7% supporting Option 4, registration under the National Scheme.

It’s impossible to forecast the likely date of implementation of registration if that is the adopted approach. However, if everything goes smoothly the regulation of paramedics could be as early as July 2015.

It’s pleasing to see that the national registration of paramedics has received exceptional support from a wide range of stakeholders and after many years it may become a reality. Under registration the paramedic profession will move into a new era of professional practice and recognition.

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