The promotion and advocacy activities of PA scored a breakthrough in mid-2011 with the recognition of Paramedics as being eligible for Commonwealth government scholarship grants for rural and remote professionals.  The scheme known as the National Allied Health Services Support Scheme (NAHSSS) and administered through the Services for Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH) opened for applications late last year and has recently made its offers for 2012.  Paramedic students have been successful in all eligible categories.

Overall, paramedic students have been offered nine undergraduate scholarships, one post-graduate scholarship and two continuing professional development scholarships.  If all offers are accepted this will total well over $100,000 of new funding for paramedic educational activities in the first year, with undergraduate scholarship holders having the opportunity to extend their scholarship to complete their studies.

President Ian Patrick said that he was delighted with this year’s outcome which had only been made possible through expert advocacy and representations to government to achieve paramedic recognition.

“This is just the first year that paramedics have been eligible to apply for these scholarships and already there have been many awarded” he said

“PA has worked hard to gain this recognition for the profession and I would encourage more paramedics to apply in future funding rounds.”

Another round of scholarships will open later this year – keep an eye on PA communications to be informed of these and other opportunities.

For more information about the scholarships visit the SARRAH website.