Message from the UK College of Paramedics in support of emergency personnel fighting the bushfires

In a warm and heartfelt message to Australian paramedics, College of Paramedics Chief Executive Tracy Nicholls said, “For many weeks now, we have been watching the tragedies unfold as the bushfires have devastated large parts of eastern Australia, mainly New South Wales and Victoria. While the news stories have predominantly focused on the efforts of the firefighters, we are very much aware that ambulance personnel will also have played a hugely important part in the response.

“The thoughts of the members of the College of Paramedics are with their colleagues in Australia at this very difficult time. We hope the situation improves rapidly and that there are no further tragedies at this most testing of times.”

The College has established a donations page on their website to raise funds for those recovering from the bushfires. You can read the full message here