Logo selection – Australasian College of Paramedicine

The Australasian College of Paramedicine Board has commissioned the development of a logo and has two designs in two colour options to share with members for consideration. The brief provided to the design company was for a modern logo that is representative of paramedicine in Australasia.

There are two symbols to choose from:

  1. Star of Life – the Star of Life featuring the Rod of Asclepius in the centre is widely recognised internationally to represent emergency medical services and personnel.
  2. Maltese Cross – the Maltese Cross is found in most Australian and New Zealand ambulance service logos, making it recognisable and relevant locally.

There are two colour options: teal / dark blue and red / dark blue.

The Board is asking members to review the logos and vote for their preferred option. This is a great opportunity for members to have their say in the logo that will represent the College into the future. You can view and vote on the logos by clicking https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/acplogo

Contact our executive team via member.feedback@paramedics.org if you have any comments or questions.

Peter Jurkovsky
Chair, Australasian College of Paramedicine