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In memory of Russell Liston 13 January 1977 – 1 June 2011


Russell Liston was an exceptional paramedic and a true professional. To his family – he was much loved and is greatly missed. To his friends – he was loyal and always great fun. To his colleagues – he was an intelligent, highly skilled paramedic and natural leader. To his students – he was an outstanding educator and mentor; and he took great pride in the development of his students. To his patients – he was professional, confident and caring.

This Award will be bestowed at the completion of each academic year to a paramedic student in the final year of their Bachelor of Paramedic Science degree at Flinders University who demonstrates the most outstanding clinical excellence during their clinical placements and university clinical topics.

The Award will be judged by the Professor of Paramedicine at Flinders University who will recommend the recipient to the Paramedics Australasia (SA Chapter) executive committee. The recipient will be decided by information received from on-road and hospital clinical placement reports, course co-ordinator and demonstrator feedback, peer feedback and other personal interactions.

Please help us to continue Russell’s passion for student development by discussing this award among your colleagues and with students.

Past recipients

2012: Bianca Hillier
2013: Christian Marx
2014: Jude Bottos
2015: Vincent Brown
2016: Gabriel Hicks