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Paramedics Australasia is a perpetual partner of the KJ McPherson Education and Research Foundation.


About the Foundation

A Trust was founded in 1987 as a memorial to Kenneth James (Jim) McPherson and now operates as a Foundation which commemorates all Queensland Ambulance officers who have given their lives in the call of duty. The Foundation is a not-for-profit entity working to identify research opportunities for officers of the Queensland Ambulance Service.

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote pre-hospital care research activities that contribute directly to improving patient care. The Foundation achieves this by making a major grant and other grants and awards available to Officers of the Queensland Ambulance Service. The Foundation funds these grants through sponsorships and donations.

The resulting research contributes to quality patient outcomes by improving clinical practice and response systems through research.

Paramedics Australasia Student Scientific Grants ($2,000)

These grants, sponsored by Paramedics Australasia, are offered by the KJ McPherson Education and Research Foundation to encourage paramedic students at participating universities to strive for excellence during their course.

Paramedics Australasia Queensland sponsors a series of awards for two categories (total prize pool $2,000):

  • best scientific posters; and
  • best scientific papers.

Second and third year paramedic studies students from participating universities – currently Queensland University of Technology, University of Sunshine Coast and Australian Catholic University, Central Queensland University and University of Queensland – are encouraged to apply for these small grants through their course coordinators. Either a poster or a paper must be completed as part of the course for participating students. Papers and posters must be submitted to the KJM Foundation Secretariat by the course coordinators of participating universities with three entries in each category permitted for each university.

For more information relating to the KJ McPherson Education and Research Foundation, visit https://www.ambulance.qld.gov.au/KJM.html