International Paramedic website:

Some really good things have happened to EMS globally in the last decade. While progress is consistent, it has been uncoordinated, duplication of effort outpaces replication of innovation, research is lacking and unfocused toward a specific end, and leadership of our profession is inadequately served by institutions with expertise.

Seventeen paramedics that represented five countries gathered in April 2011 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, to discuss the future of EMS. The group was fondly named the “Paramedic G5.” The participants felt that it is time for leaders of paramedic services to start thinking bigger than their individual borders and to plot a specific course for the future. A course that respects history, rewards innovation, proves value and continually increases the quality of care paramedics provide to patients and the value they provide to communities.

The contents of this website represent the collective work of those 17 participants from an in person two-day meeting and countless subsequent hours of work. Our collective vision is to create a virtual organization of paramedic leaders that will organize and analyze data, create a worldwide vision and strategic plan, work simultaneously to implement the vision around the globe, and to be a resource to nations and organizations of nations. We envision this organization changing shape and potentially course over the next several years as more paramedics join the virtual community. The vision that lies ahead in this document is merely a starting point from which to grow.

We hope we pique your interest in becoming part of a global paramedic leadership community. We look forward to exchanging messages electronically and periodically meeting you face to face. We look forward to you becoming a full participant in our work and assuming a leadership role when the fit is right. Thank you for the work you do every day for patients and thank you for taking the time to read this document.