HWA invites YOU to have input into the Rural and Remote Health Workforce Innovation and Reform Strategy

Health Workforce Australia will shortly begin a nationwide series of consultation sessions on the proposed Rural and Remote Health Workforce Innovation and Reform Strategy.

Before you dismiss this as something that is not relevant to you let me give you two reasons why it is important:

  1. Input from these consultation sessions will have a direct impact on future healthcare arrangements and the provision of health resources. The Issues raised, topics discussed and questions asked will be heard by the people best placed to take action.
  2. A significant proportion of the paramedic workforce is and will be located in the rural and remote environment. The more paramedics and paramedics students contribute to these consultation sessions the more effective our voice will be in seeking changes that will enhance patient care. It’s a great opportunity to make a difference.

Paramedics Australasia want to ensure that paramedics are well represented at these events and that means we need to see people participating at as many of the sessions as possible.

Events like these will shape the future of healthcare in Australia, and now is the chance to have an impact and contribute your views on what is needed!  And if you are hoping to attend a session, then let us know where and when: secretary@paramedics.org.au.

More information about the workforce reform and registration for the consultation process can be found on the Health Workforce Australia website.