Paramedics Australasia – supporting members with a custom-built CPD portfolio

Paramedics Australasia has invested significant resources into the development of a custom-built personal CPD portfolio for its members, integrated within our eLearning platform. We complement the training and support offered by jurisdictional services and create opportunities for paramedics working in private industry, the military, rural\outback locations and other areas to access CPD content to maintain and improve their existing skill base. This member-only portfolio service is free to members as part of their membership subscription and has been created to specifically meet the AHPRA CPD Registration Standard, and adheres to all approved guidelines. The CPD portfolio offers a personal storage platform to record CPD activities for annual registration renewal (and in the event of an AHPRA audit).

It is the responsibility of all registered paramedics to make sure they meet the CPD Standard in order to maintain paramedic registration. Registered paramedics need to:

  • understand the importance of CPD in staying up-to-date, maintaining safe practice and improving patient outcomes
  • choose effective CPD that meets the Standard, and
  • keep CPD records by providing advice about what information to include in their CPD portfolio.

Who does the CPD Standard apply to?
The Standard applies to all registered paramedics, except those with student or non-practising registration.

How can I meet the Standard?
To meet the Standard, you must:

  1. Complete at least 30 hours of CPD each year that: seeks to improve patient outcomes and experiences; draws on the best available evidence, including well-established and accepted knowledge that is supported by research (where possible), to inform good practice and decision-making; contributes directly to improving your competence (performance and behaviour) and keeping you up-to-date in a your chosen scope and setting of practice; builds on your existing knowledge, and includes a minimum of eight (8) hours CPD in an interactive setting with other practitioners.
  2. Maintain a portfolio that documents your learning goals; records all your planned CPD activities, your reflection on how these CPD activities have or are expected to improve your practice; and evidence of having completed these activities.

What are the pro-rata requirements?
If you register part-way through a registration period you must complete seven and a half (7.5) hours of CPD for every three (3) months of registration remaining in the registration period.

How long do I need to keep records?
You must maintain records of your CPD activity for five (5) years. If you are audited you may be required to provide your CPD portfolio, or any other information the Paramedicine Board of Australia requires.

Can I be exempt from my CPD requirements?
The CPD Standard enables the Board to grant a full or partial exemption or variation from the CPD requirements in exceptional circumstances.

What if I take leave from practice?
If you take a period of leave while you remain registered to practise, you are still required to meet the CPD Standard unless you are granted an exemption or variation. If you move to non-practising registration or don’t maintain your registration, before you re-apply for registration to practise, you are encouraged to assess what changes have occurred in your profession and scope of practice and consider if there is any professional development you need to do to ensure that you are prepared to return to practice.

To understand your responsibilities, please refer to the full CPD Standard details as set by the Paramedicine Board of Australia at

In order to access the Paramedics Australasia custom-built personal CPD portfolio and eLearning portal you must be a member of Paramedics Australasia. Details on how to become a member are available here