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PAIC 2019: Challenges in the austere environment
  • Released: 22-05-2020
  • Michael Stuth

Sharing an extraordinary experience and challenges faced in the austere environment.

  • 13 minutes
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PAIC 2019: LAS HART team
  • Released: 22-05-2020
  • Tim Schmidtke

LAS HART team is a great session to challenge your thinking and broaden your professional horizons.

  • 50 minutes
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The COVID-19 pandemic and the paramedic response to it, has raised a raft of legal, ethical and professionalism questions for paramedic clinicians and managers.

  • 60 minutes
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Crusted Scabies
  • Released: 14-05-2020
  • Sharon Troncoso

ACP in conjunction with Outback Responders present a webinar on ‘Crusted Scabies – with Sharon Troncoso from One Disease’ .

  • 47 minutes
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The Paramedicine Accreditation Committee and accreditation in the National Scheme

  • 20 minutes
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PAIC 2019: Pill Testing
  • Released: 13-05-2020
  • David Caldicott

Masterclass: Substance use at festival and how to test pills as a health care professional

  • 22 minutes
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PAIC 2019: The Australian Experience
  • Released: 13-05-2020
  • Ethan Dooley

Masterclass: Substance use at festivals in Australia

  • 18 minutes
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Australasian Council of Paramedicine Deans – representation of the Australasian paramedicine higher education sector

  • 9 minutes
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PAIC 2019: The New Zealand Experience
  • Released: 13-05-2020
  • Mitch Mullooly

Masterclass: Substance use at festivals in New Zealand

  • 23 minutes
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PAIC 2019: First Year of National Registration
  • Released: 11-05-2020
  • Paul Fisher

Reflection on the first year of national paramedic registration and re-registration process, advertising guidelines, notifications, mandatory reporting, postnominal protocols and professional capabilities consultation

  • 16 minutes
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