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Welcome to Managing Patients with Complex Trauma

  • 75 minutes
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Managing Trauma on the Border
  • Released: 27-08-2019
  • Dr Trevor Burchall

A collaborative evening between South Australia and Victoria to compare ?an...

  • 49 minutes
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National Conference 2016: Research into major trauma within the North East region.

  • 20 minutes
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Terror in the UK
  • Released: 19-10-2017
  • Dan Smith MCPara

National Conference 2018. A personal reflection of the Manchester Attack.

  • 30 minutes
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National Conference 2018. Siera discusses her dissertation and interest in symptoms.

  • 30 minutes
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Traumatic Cardiac Arrest (London)
  • Released: 19-12-2017
  • Jonathan Harvey MCPara

London/SE Coast Christmas CPD Day 2017. Looking at the background and Statistics of Traumatic Cardiac Arrest, the guidelines and why we should treat this group of patients differently.

  • 30 minutes
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Trauma: Rapid assessment & management
  • Released: 19-09-2017
  • Ben Watts MCPara

Emergency Services Show 2017. How we make decisions on the assessment and management of trauma.

  • 29 minutes
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Emergent Issues of Pre-Hospital Trauma Management for Paramedics
  • Released: 19-05-2017
  • Professor Sir Keith Porter

Discussion about a range of emergent problems that may be encountered in relation to pre-hospital trauma.

  • 34 minutes
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Coping with trauma: examining experiences of attending traumatic incidents and post-incident support.

  • 24 minutes
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Trauma Management
  • Released: 15-03-2019
  • Sergio Gomes

From Brisbane to the Bush - a CPD focusing on Trauma Management. Presentations on Paramedicine in Hostile Environments, followed by scenarios focused on Traumatic Cardiac Arrest and an Airway Management Workshop.

  • 60 minutes
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