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The ABC of DKA, a clinical case discussion
  • Released: 23-11-2020
  • Jarrod Wakeling

This session will describe a clinical case involving a patient with possible DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) and drug OD, highlighting the pathophysiology, management and some of the possible pre hospital considerations in regards to management of this cohort of patient.

  • 60 minutes
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ACPIC 2020: Impact of Covid 19 on paramedicine students
  • Released: 23-02-2021
  • Dr Cameron Gosling

ACPIC20 - This session explores the psychological impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic on paramedicine students and the coping strategies utilised by the cohort.

  • 20 minutes
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Talking Research - Research 101
  • Released: 26-02-2021
  • Dr Kelly-Ann Bowles

Dr Kelly-Ann Bowles will take you through the basics of research design, and how to read, analyse and interpret results, and draw your own conclusions. She will use examples from the paramedic profession to demonstrate some common appraisal tools and techniques.

  • 90 minutes
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Talking Research - Literature Reviews
  • Released: 26-03-2021
  • Dr Liz Thyer, Matthew Reardon, Dr Nigel Barr & Dr Louise Reynolds

Systematic reviews, scoping reviews, narrative reviews; what’s the difference and why do we see so many of these published? Why are literature reviews such a vital part of research? How do we conduct them and what do they add to they add?

  • 80 minutes
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Talking Research: Cohort Studies
  • Released: 10-06-2021
  • Dr Jocasta Ball & Dr Paul Simpson

In this session Dr Jocasta Ball will provide an overview of cohort studies, followed by a discussion/Q&A session with some authors of recently published cohort studies

  • 75 minutes
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Talking Research: Qualitative research in paramedicine
  • Released: 20-07-2021
  • Dr Louise Reynolds, Dr Belinda Flanagan and Dr Scott Devenish

This Talking Research webinar explores qualitative research in paramedicine, facilitated by several experienced qualitative researchers.

  • 90 minutes
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ACPIC 2020: Panel discussion: Pre-hospital research agenda
  • Released: 17-02-2021
  • Paul Simpson, Prof. Vivienne Tippett & Prof. Julia Williamson

ACPIC20 - Panel discussion about Pre-hospital research agenda

  • 30 minutes
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ACPIC 2020: Panel discussion: Translation of pre-hospital research to practice
  • Released: 17-02-2021
  • Prof. Karen Smith & Dr. John Glasheen

ACPIC20 - Panel discussion about the translation of pre-hospital research to practice

  • 30 minutes
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Talking Research: Implications and Applications of Research to Change Practice
  • Released: 13-09-2021
  • Dr Craig Lockwood, Dr Susan Furness, Hilding Hanna & Dr Louise Reynolds

In this session, our three presenters will be discussing the translation of research findings into practice

  • 85 minutes
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