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Palliative Care
  • Released: 17-09-2019
  • Dr David Holden

Discussion about palliative care, patient goals of care, palliative care tools, symptom management, end of life and communication.

  • 89 minutes
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ROAR 2019: Rural Outback and Remote (ROAR) 2019 will have a panel discussion where multi-disciplinary health experts discuss a range of approaches to palliative care and invite the audience to join the discussion.

  • 36 minutes
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ACPIC 2020: Paramedic provision of palliative care
  • Released: 23-02-2021
  • Sascha Baldry

ACPIC20 - This presentation explored an end of life case which occurred over a 3-day, weekend period. 28 y/o, Danielle was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. Active treatment had been ceased and measures were instituted for Danielle to die at home.

  • 20 minutes
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Advance Care Planning for the Paramedic
  • Released: 03-02-2021
  • Dr Simon Towler, Dr Alison Parr, Gary Wilson & Susie Wilson

Dr Parr and Dr Towler present on clinical decision making in Palliative Care, what is palliative care and the paramedic’s role. Gary and Susie Wilson, from Ambulance Wish Western Australia, discuss Ambulance Wish WA, their research that they have conducted into pre-hospital palliative care and a Paramedic perspective.

  • 145 minutes
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Mark Bloch Lecture 'Dying not to go to hospital'
  • Released: 19-05-2019
  • Steven Short

National Conference 2019. In this Mark Bloch Lecture Steven Short talks about how we communicate with the families of dying patients, how we can improve anticipated care plans, avoiding resuscitating when it's not appropriate to do so and how to discuss death with family members.

  • 35 minutes
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