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Obstetric and Newborn Emergencies
  • Released: 14-10-2018
  • Dr Sarah Cash and Dr Amy Keir

This presentation by Dr Sarah Cash and Dr Amy Keir is an interactive and practical session discussing all about Obstetric care and newborn emergencies.

  • 43 minutes
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PA International Conference (PAIC) 2018: This abstract presentation will discuss a paramedic-witnessed paediatric out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Victoria, Australia.

  • 16 minutes
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How to Breathe Easier
  • Released: 21-09-2020
  • Dr Katie Reeves & Dr Robyn Brady

Paediatric Respiratory Emergencies and Pre-Hospital Decision Making for Paramedics. This session looks at the common paediatric presentations of noisy breathing and explores, via a diagnostic reasoning format, how to decipher which patients have what diagnosis.

  • 50 minutes
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A very paediatric unconsciousness - paediatric neurological emergencies
  • Released: 29-09-2020
  • Dr Robyn Brady & Dr Katie Reeves

Part Two of this two part paediatric webinar series, Katie Reeves and Robyn Brady considers the possible causes of an altered level of consciousness in children, how to easily assess them, and what things you can do to help in the pre-hospital setting

  • 60 minutes
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Paediatric Emergency
  • Released: 14-06-2018
  • Dr John Craven

In this video, Dr John Craven will be discussing Paediatric Emergency Assessment, Management and Pain Control.

  • 49 minutes
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Paediatrics Webinar Series (Session One): Applied Paediatric Care for the Paramedic
  • Released: 05-03-2021
  • Dr Alexander Cardenas & Dr Cassandra Brown

This multidisciplinary workshop will focus on clinical decision making and management of paediatric patients by focusing on the most common difficulties paramedics report with paediatrics.

  • 90 minutes
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Building on lessons learned from session one, session two will focus on application of critical assessment, treatment and referral decisions required by paramedics in managing the critical patient.

  • 100 minutes
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Paediatrics - Clinical Tips and Literature Update
  • Released: 29-03-2021
  • Dr Charmaine Gray, Dr Sasha Rossaye, Dr Jacquie Schutz, Dr Abdul Musa, Dr Lalith Gamage & Dr Fran Lockie

Six presentations from South Australian Paediatric Specialists, followed by a panel discussion

  • 112 minutes
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Paediatrics Webinar Series (Session Three): The ABCs of Paediatric & Neonatal Resuscitation
  • Released: 15-04-2021
  • Dr David Fahey, Dr Cassandra Brown & Alex Cardenas

Key areas of focus within resuscitation will include neonatal resus as well as decisions and skills for intubation/LMA insertion as well as IV and IO access.

  • 90 minutes
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Paediatrics Webinar Series (Session Four): IV and IO Access in the Adult and Paediatric Patient
  • Released: 28-06-2021
  • Elliot Williams, Dr Cassandra Brown & Alex Cardenas

This practical session puts you in the drivers seat to manage case studies of critically ill paediatric and adult patients, focusing on tips and tricks for managing Paediatrics in the out of hospital setting.

  • 90 minutes
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