The law and ethics of paramedic management of mental health patients

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This panel discussion, chaired by Dr. Ruth Townsend, will explore the, at times, confusing legal and ethical area of paramedic management of mental health patients.

Experts including Dr Louise Roberts will discuss how broad legal definitions can cause difficulties for paramedics in interpreting and applying the law; and the impact limited mental health education can have on paramedic preparedness for managing mental health patients.

Professor Michael Eburn will unpack the often confusing ethical and legal mental health framework dilemma, including the issues that arise for paramedics when a competent mental health patient refuses treatment the paramedic believes is in their best interest.

Robert Bear will discuss the paramedic experience of managing these patients in an often time critical, highly charged emotional environment and Paramedic Reenie Lowe will also join the panel.

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69 minutes
28th Aug 2020
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