ACPIC 2020: Ineffectiveness of Naloxone administration as a metric for community opioid overdoses

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In October 2020, ACP was pleased to deliver our first fully online and interactive paramedic conference. The conference attracted over 1100 attendees, 60 speakers and 36 sessions.

Presented by: Chris Smith

With the evolving opioid crisis, a metric for community overdoses is needed. Paramedic Narcan Administration is a newly popular metric for community overdoses, but it may not be as reliable as previously believed and is becoming less reliable as time goes on.


Chris Smith is a full time Advanced Care Paramedic with Peterborough County/City Paramedics (PCCP). In addition to his road shift, he also serves part time as PCCP’s Research Lead. He recently completed a 5 year tour as a service educator. Prior to starting his career as a Paramedic, Chris earned an Honours BSc in Biology (emphasis Health Sciences), with an honours thesis in Virology, before completing his PCP at Fleming College and ACP at Durham College. Today, Chris’ research interests are focused on innovative approaches to existing electronic Paramedic data using statistical analyses. He is undertaking an MSc in Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods at Trent University. His most recent project involved partnering with PCCP, local public health agencies to develop a live monitoring system of opioid overdoses and modeling overdose using paramedic data.

Presented by J Chris Smith

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20 minutes
9th Feb 2021
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