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Trauma on the Border 2021

Land, Air and Sea - Conquering unique trauma challenges

Presentation: Trauma on the wire

Sometimes trauma patients get themselves into mischief in inaccessible, remote or otherwise just crappy positions. Winch extractions of trauma patients are not without risk and this presentation will explore the intricacies and complexities of taking a trauma patient out on a 19 x 7 non-rotating steel cable.

Presented By: Elliott Bates (Critical Care Flight Paramedic, Queensland Ambulance Service)

Elliott is a critical care flight paramedic, currently working in Brisbane. A paramedic of 14 years the last five have been in flying roles in Queensland. Elliott is keen to see the profession to continue to grow and is currently the Chair of the ACP paramedic specialist and practitioner special interest group. When not at work Elliott has a keen interest in coffee and wine as well as tending to menagerie of dogs, chickens and ducks. Prior too, and parallel to his ambulance career Elliott has experience as an Aircrew Officer.

Presented by Elliott Bates

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25 minutes
5th May 2021
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